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  Ubay is a first class municipality in the island province of Bohol, Philippines. Ubay lies of the northeastern part of the province, and has a land area of approximately 299.45 square kilometers (115.62 sq mi), with about 61 kilometres (38 mi) of coastline. Also, according to the 2010 census, it has a population of 68,578, making Ubay as the largest and most populated municipality in Bohol. Ubay is the fastest growing municipality in Bohol with an annual population growth rate of 3.3 percent, higher than provincial (2.6%) and national (2.3%) average. When the first national census held in 1903, the municipality has a population 7,355. It continued to grow until 1960 with 32,717 in 1.08 percent annual rate. The population suddenly decreased in 1970 upon the creation of the municipality of Pres. C.P. Garcia, which is used to be a constituent barangay.


Ubay Stock Farm (USF)

  Started in 1921 and measures 4,500 hectares, it is the largest and the oldest government livestock facilities in the Philippines. The place was chosen as one of the accredited livestock technology training facility for Visayas and Mindanao. It is located in barangay Lomangog.

Capayas Dam

  One of the largest dams in the province and located along the national highway in barangay Bay-ang. It is the major source of water supply of the town for home use and irrigation.

Ubay Agri-Park

  The first of its kind in the Visayan region was recently launched to boost the agriculture and tourism industries in the area. A 100-hectare land situated along the national highway in Lomangog. Ubay Agri-Park helps to promote agri-tourism or "farm tourism," is also a showcase of Bohol’s advancement in farm technology. Guests or visitors can interact with the park’s personnel on various aspects of farm technology, and they leave the park much richer in agricultural knowledge or production.